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Small Groups Progamme Testimonials

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"Before starting on the programme, I was extremely over weight, lacking energy and motivation. My blood sugar levels were beginning to creep up into the diabetic range and I was most definitely prediabetic.
Even getting up the stairs on my first session I got easily out of breath.
I would make excuses that i was too unfit to actually try and exercise.
Over the years I had tried most diets and typically yo-yo'd weight loss and weight gain.
It was a lot of commitment financially, and I was unsure what I would gain. I was already a member of a gym (although hardly used) and had already thought I had the knowledge to get fitter and was not sure if I would be better off having weekly personal training sessions with a trainer at the gym.
I had never exercised in a group and was worried that I would embarrass my self due to such poor fitness. I was also unsure if I would be able to commit the time to attend all the sessions.
After an initial telephone interview with Anne which covered things like goals and expectations. I then had a trial training session where I met Neil. He uses a combination of body weight, Cardio, resistance and core strength training techniques. He had a very relaxed but effective method, figuring out over the first few sessions, just how hard to try and push me to get the best results. I signed up and Anne gave me a welcome pack with tips and dietary/supplement advice.
The whole process did involve a lot of commitment but once deciding to start I took the decision to go for it. I started with the 2 sessions training, and also kept the food diary which Anne would comment upon on a weekly basis. During the programme I also made sure that I was going to the gym, initially for the steam and sauna and swim session which helped a lot with muscle recovery and then for heavier weight sessions and more cardio training. Neil was happy to make me a program to use while going to the gym to supplement the 2 sessions with him.
The  Food diary was very helpful in high lighting problem areas as well as portion size advice. I had recently started the 5:2 diet and found this quite easy to maintain.
I tried to embrace the whole element of what the platinum programme offered. Using Anne's advice and Neil's training to push myself as much as I could. I also tried to keep the diet as clean as possible with only a few lapses in the 12 week period.
Over the length of the programme I lost over 12kg. 
I have gone from a 46+ inch waist down to comfortable 38 inch. 
My Body Fat percentage has dropped dramatically from nearly 40% to 24%
My sugar levels are now within the normal range 
My purpose of starting the programme was primarily a means to improve my health. This I think I have achieved, and even though there is still a way to go, It has started me on the right path.
I have been able to get into clothes which at one point I was going to get rid of, thinking I would never fit into again. I have more than saved the cost of the course in not having to by a completely new wardrobe.
I am more confident and happier to be more active.
Since the programme ended, I have not had as great a weight loss, but that is in part to being a bit more relaxed with the diet. I am happier now my sugars have stabilised and am content with the fact that progress will be more gradual, but hopefully more sustainable. I have maintained my gym visits and tried to be more active all round.
Many thanks to Anne and Neil for giving me the push, drive and motivation to start on this healthier and happier path."



February 12, 2016

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"I've been going to the gym for years (before meeting you) and was always too intimidated to go to the classes. I prefered to work out upstairs mostly on the running machine or bike. I was worried that I wouldn't know what to do, I'd be completely out of time, hurt myself etc.

But what happened is that all the training and hard work with you has given me a great foundation to do these lessons, know my limits, where to push myself and most importantly you've made me strong and fit enough to actually enjoy the classes rather than feel like they are punishment. I've left every class with a smile and amazingly whilst i've been a little stiff the next few days, I've not hurt too much at all.

I'm also still tracking ALL my food and not snacking on rubbish between meals. Plus .... drum roll ..... I've only drunk wine twice since the start of January.
Weight is still going down.

This is my year and I'm going to reach my goals. And lots of my motivation is down to you and the lessons you have taught me so thank you so much."

Karen has now introduced regular gym classes in her weekly schedule and has changed her eating habits, while gaining confidence to do it, and believing she can achieve her weight and health goals once and for all!


February 12, 2016

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"I was lazy and didn't do any exercise, and as a result was gaining lots of weight.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to do the exercises and that it would be really hard. Especially as I have a few old injuries.

I learned that I can exercise and that there are different ways to help if you have injuries. And actually I even enjoy it a little bit more!

I have lost weight, I can move better, and walk, which is really helping me in my job. I feel much better, less tired, and more of my clothes fit. But I'm aware of the fact there is still a long way to go."

Jaimeni lost 11.5lbs (5.2kg) and a total of 23.8cm (9.4inch) all over during the programme!



February 12, 2016

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"Before starting on the programme I was a comfort eater and was very lethargic. I had no energy and was uncomfortably overweight and pretty depressed. I have a sedentary job and did no exercise at all.

My fear about starting the programme was that I would not be able to keep my enthusiasm and motivation, but with the help of Anne and Sandra, I am now enjoying exercise and looking forward to attending my weekly classes. I love it!

I now have a lot more energy and I'm more aware of the things I eat. I think before I eat now, and I drink water, which I wasn't doing at all before. I am so much happier in myself.
I feel more focused the more exercise I do. My mood has lifted. My energy level has increased and having to write a food diary has really helped.

I feel I have improved my quality of life as I am a lot more active and have become more flexible. I never get bored with attending my exercise classes. I've realised that I have the potential to achieve and have restored my sense of self belief!"

Vera has lost a total of 36.7cm (14.5inch) all round and is continuing her weight loss journey with us


February 12, 2016

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"I was overweight, unfit and had bad eating habits.

I was worried I wouldn't meet my target weight.

Over the weeks, I slowly got towards my target weight, but also became more disciplined with eating healthier.

Now, I find it much easier to carry out everyday activities, as my job is very physical. And I'm eating healthier. I can walk more without getting out of breath."

Vashali lost 5.5lbs (2.5kg) and a total of 17.5cm (6.9inch) all round during the programme!


February 12, 2016

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Late last summer I got back from a holiday desperately unhappy about the weight I had "somehow" managed to reach.
I took a few basic steps to endeavour to try lose weight and after around 6 months I had lost around a stone and a half and I felt slightly better but realised much more would be needed to get to the weight I wanted to achieve.

My partner found the Finchley Weight Loss Centre on the net and after a couple of phone conversations with Anne followed by a trial exercise session I decided that that her 3 month group (lose 21lbs) programme was likely the very the best route for me.

Anne has a friendly but firm manner and working in small groups of like-minded people created a positive and often fun environment whilst still being able receive a personalised workout.

Not having properly exercised for at least 5 years the first exercise sessions left me very tired but with a healthy glow (allbeit masked by aches) but in the following weeks recovery became "easier" and the workouts more intense.

The brutal honesty of a food diary checked any temptation to increase my calorie intake because of the extra exercise and enabled Anne to suggest sensible "real-world" modifications to my diet.

With a considerable amount of personal effort and a tremendous amount of Anne's encouragement, structure and support I lost a stone in the first month- a further stone in the following month- and a total loss of just over 2.5 stones and reduction in my waist of 7 inches but most importantly, I regained my health and built a solid foundation for the rest of my life.

If you are serious about losing weight and making correct lifestyle changes, Anne's support and programme is truly invaluable. Thanks Anne.


February 12, 2016

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"I was finishing work which I knew had been stressful and bad for my health and that I was seriously overweight and unfit.

I had the following hesitations about the programme: Would I be able to maintain it?  Would I be so unfit that I looked stupid to the other people in the group?  Was I just too old?

The goals on fitness and general weight loss were met and I feel that I am no longer as unfit as I was. I made it through the 12 weeks others in the group were in a similar condition to me!

I wanted to feel healthy and able to take part in activities again.  At some point I would like to get my blood pressure checked but it should be good for this.  I can fit into the trousers that I wanted to and I don’t appear with the double chin in photos on facebook!

I feel I have recovered my life from the stress and consequences of work.  I can get back to doing things with people again where before I had no energy and I am less self-conscious about how I look."

S. lost over 1st and lost a total of 33cm (13inch) all over


February 12, 2016

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"Before starting on the programme I did very litle exercise due to having piled on weight after a knee injury which stopped me moving a lot for 18 months. My eating was for comfort and out of control.

I was worried about how comfortable I would be with my weight and my restrictive movements, but also about humiliation in front of thinner people.

However, I got into a good routine and enjoyed the sessions. I felt confident to try new exercises and was pleased that when I knew my knee is weak, it wasn't overpushed. Eating was under control, and even when I wasn't writing my food diary, the healthy eating habits continued.

I lost some weight and inches, and although I lost a little momentum over Christmas, I am back on track.

I now know it is possible to get into a routine and lose weight and tone up slowly but effectively instead of fad diets which produce quick results but ones which cannot be maintained"

Tessa lost 8.4kg (1.3st) and a total of 34.8cm (13.7inch) all round and  is continuing her weight loss journey with us.


February 12, 2016

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"I was overweight, lethargic, not sleeping well.  I was bored of diets and gyms and looking for someone to inspire, push and encourage me.

At the age of 49 I knew that if I didn’t do something about my health and wellbeing now, it might be too late.  That was my only fear.  To be honest that was my motivation – I want to be healthier, fitter and live longer.  It was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made – I knew I wouldn’t regret it.

I have discovered fitness!  I pay more attention to what I eat ….most of the time!  I have more energy.  I sleep better.  My concentration has improved.  I love coming to the sessions each week. I am no longer afraid of exercise – although I still detest being hot and sweaty!  My body is more toned(and I look forward to it being more so).  My clothes fit better.  I have received compliments about my appearance – such an ego boost.

It is lovely to receive compliments and to see the changes in the mirror and the measuring tape but I think the biggest change for me is appreciating myself more now.  I value myself and my health – that is a big change.  I was going through life not considering the future in regard to my health and wellbeing – this course has helped me appreciate and understand it more."

Carol has lost a total of 32.5cm (12.8inch) all over and is continuing her journey with us.


February 12, 2016

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"Before starting on the programme, I was overweight, had an unhealthy diet, and did little/no exercise. I had started countless diets, none of which lasted very long.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to make the time to attend the classes, that I wouldn't be able to keep up in the sessions, and that I wouldn't be enjoying the sessions at all.

However, I actually made all of the sessions and was actually looking forward to them! I started writing a food diary which made me think about what I ate. And I can now do "star jumps"!

As a result, I have lost weight and inches, and my relapses are not as bad as before starting the programme.

I now feel more in control. I am less inclined to eat junk and empty calories, as I know how much sweat I have to produce to lose them!

My weight loss journey continues, and I signed up for an additional 3 months on the programme."



February 12, 2016

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" I had recently changed my job from office based to home, and was finding it hard to control my eating and exercise as I felt I had no time, structure, nor plan.

I was wondering if the programme would be effective, and if I could do the exercises.

I am now more energetic, and actually enjoying the exercise. I'm really happy that I reached the weight goal the doctors set, and feel so much healthier. I feel much better and it has also increased my concentration at work."

Libby lost 5.5lbs (2.5kg) and a total of 15.5cm (6.1inch) all over during the Programme!

She has run the Race for Life in June, and has registered for a big challenge in May 2014, walking from half way from London to Brighton.



February 12, 2016


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"I was overweight, lethargic, not sleeping well.  I was bored of diets and gyms and looking for someone to inspire, push and encourage me. At the age of 49 I knew that if I didn’t do something about my health and wellbeing now, it might be too late.  That was my only fear.  To be

February 12, 2016


Comfort Eating Only Makes You Feel More Crap About Yourself

Comfort Eating Only Makes You Feel More Crap About Yourself

I used to be a massive comfort eater, or emotional eater.

Feeling tired, feeling sad, feeling angry, feeling stressed, it all just reverted to sweets and sugar, or even a whole pack of biscuits.

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You Don’t Have to Be Crippled for Days to Have Had a Good Workout

I’ve always enjoyed being active and exercising.

However, very often, I just didn’t do anything.
The number of gym memberships I never used is quite scary.

I was too lazy, couldn’t be bothered, and just didn’t make it a priority.

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It’s Not Worth Beating Yourself Up Over the Past

This was a massive one for me, and I know it’s a massive one for my clients as well.

I always used to blame the past for where I was at.

Of course, what I did in the past, e.g. overeating, eating crap and not exercising regularly, and just not taking care of myself lead me to being overweight.

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Be Ready to Become a Different Person

It was never something I had thought about, and I don’t mean that I totally became a different person.

However, there are so many things I do differently that if I look back at the person I am now, and the person I was then, I’m very different.

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Losing Weight Is a Scary Journey

Well, this is actually divided in 2 periods.
The period while you are losing the weight, and what happens after that.

If I have to be honest, I don’t think I ever thought about what’s happening after I will have lost the weight.

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Losing masses of weight every week is not normal and doesn’t lead to long term results

I used to be fascinated by programmes such as The Biggest Loser and A Year to Save my Life.
I still watch them once in a while.

Most of the people on the programme lose 4-10lbs and sometimes even more on a weekly basis!

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Low Fat, Lite, Light, Enriched Stuff is Full of Crap

Low fat, light, lite, diet, it has to be healthy no? After all, it’s less calories.

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Rewarding myself with sweets for doing well negates the whole purpose.

Time after time, I used to have a good week. I ate well, I went to the gym, and boom, I thought I deserved a bag of sweets, after all, I did so well that week.

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Achieving the so called “perfect body” requires hard work

We’re all influenced by the media, and what we perceive as the “perfect body”.
Slim legs, toned arms, a nice small bum, and a flat tummy (I won’t even go as far as a six pack).

It’s something, we as women somehow all aspire to, and are made to belief that it’s the ideal.

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Life will always happen

I’ve always been very harsh on myself.

At school, was a good pupil, and if I struggled with something, I used to study a lot to get it right, and have good grades.

Same at uni.

And later on workwise, I always wanted to be successful. Be the best. Overachieve on targets, and working in sales, it was a great environment for me.
I rarely missed a target.

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