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What Makes Me the Right Person to Help You Lose Weight and Keep it off Forever?

Who am I, and what do I do ?

I’m an expert at helping people with a few extra stones in weight to lose it and keep it off for the rest of their lives.

I work with busy people (men and women), helping them break old ingrained eating and lifestyle habits, and get them to acquire new healthy habits regarding food and exercise.

Unlike other personal trainers, I only focus on people who are looking to lose weight and I am dedicated to my clients’ success. I adapt my programmes to my clients’ hectic lifestyle and get them to adopt healthier habits that fit into their daily lives.

As a result, I have helped many clients reach their weight loss goals, but more importantly, keep the weight off. And together with that, regain their confidence and self esteem, and better their health in general.

Why do I Help People Lose Weight ?

As a busy IT sales professional, I was busy with client meetings all over the country and abroad, working sometimes day, nights, weekends, and holidays.

I was so busy that I found it nearly impossible to fit in any exercise  in my schedule, let alone eat healthy. How can you, when you’re on the road and have to entertain clients ?

In 2008 I reached a weight I had never reached before. None of my clothes really fitted me anymore, and I had to resort to buy sizes I really didn’t want to wear.

I had already qualified as a personal trainer in 2007, as somewhere deep down that was something I always wanted to do. So I decided the wise thing was to hire one for myself.

I started to work out twice a week, sometimes at 6:30am before going to work, and sometimes at 9pm after work. It varied from week to week, depending on my travel schedule.
Slowly I started to make some changes to my eating habits. It wasn’t easy, and it required some planning. However, I didn’t feel I got the support and tools I needed to help me with my specific needs and lifestyle. The sweets and biscuits were hard to be left alone on my long days.

I lost a bit of weight, and toned up quite a lot. Which made me believe that actually anyone leading a hectic life can achieve weight loss as long as you plan it well enough and get the support you need.

Late 2009 I decided to quit my hectic IT life and help other busy people juggling a career and family commitments lose weight.

I haven’t looked back since….

Combining my own experience and knowledge, trying out different exercise regimes, changing my eating habits and learning to listen to my body much more, as well as working on my habits, mindset and some supplementation, I devised the 6 steps to sustainable weight loss, following the B.E.A.M.S system, with additional accountability.

I did lose 2 1/2 stone on the way.

The B.E.A.M.S System combines the best of everything I learned and tried to guarantee you weight loss, inch loss, but more importantly to help you keep it off for the long run!



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"I had put on about 2 stone of weight that I didn’t need over the last few years since having children and due to a hectic work schedule and busy home life was also not finding enough time to get out and excercise regularly. I was consequently feeling very unfit. I really wanted to loose

February 12, 2016


Comfort Eating Only Makes You Feel More Crap About Yourself

Comfort Eating Only Makes You Feel More Crap About Yourself

I used to be a massive comfort eater, or emotional eater.

Feeling tired, feeling sad, feeling angry, feeling stressed, it all just reverted to sweets and sugar, or even a whole pack of biscuits.

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You Don’t Have to Be Crippled for Days to Have Had a Good Workout

I’ve always enjoyed being active and exercising.

However, very often, I just didn’t do anything.
The number of gym memberships I never used is quite scary.

I was too lazy, couldn’t be bothered, and just didn’t make it a priority.

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It’s Not Worth Beating Yourself Up Over the Past

This was a massive one for me, and I know it’s a massive one for my clients as well.

I always used to blame the past for where I was at.

Of course, what I did in the past, e.g. overeating, eating crap and not exercising regularly, and just not taking care of myself lead me to being overweight.

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Be Ready to Become a Different Person

It was never something I had thought about, and I don’t mean that I totally became a different person.

However, there are so many things I do differently that if I look back at the person I am now, and the person I was then, I’m very different.

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Losing Weight Is a Scary Journey

Well, this is actually divided in 2 periods.
The period while you are losing the weight, and what happens after that.

If I have to be honest, I don’t think I ever thought about what’s happening after I will have lost the weight.

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Losing masses of weight every week is not normal and doesn’t lead to long term results

I used to be fascinated by programmes such as The Biggest Loser and A Year to Save my Life.
I still watch them once in a while.

Most of the people on the programme lose 4-10lbs and sometimes even more on a weekly basis!

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Low Fat, Lite, Light, Enriched Stuff is Full of Crap

Low fat, light, lite, diet, it has to be healthy no? After all, it’s less calories.

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Rewarding myself with sweets for doing well negates the whole purpose.

Time after time, I used to have a good week. I ate well, I went to the gym, and boom, I thought I deserved a bag of sweets, after all, I did so well that week.

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Achieving the so called “perfect body” requires hard work

We’re all influenced by the media, and what we perceive as the “perfect body”.
Slim legs, toned arms, a nice small bum, and a flat tummy (I won’t even go as far as a six pack).

It’s something, we as women somehow all aspire to, and are made to belief that it’s the ideal.

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Life will always happen

I’ve always been very harsh on myself.

At school, was a good pupil, and if I struggled with something, I used to study a lot to get it right, and have good grades.

Same at uni.

And later on workwise, I always wanted to be successful. Be the best. Overachieve on targets, and working in sales, it was a great environment for me.
I rarely missed a target.

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