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1:1 Programme Testimonials

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"I was very unhappy, overweight and low in confidence. Although I cooked relatively healthy meals, I was eating unhealthy things every day and quickly getting bigger and bigger.

Before starting the programme, I was worried it wouldn't address the underlying issue of why I ate that way or change it, meaning that it wouldn't result in a lasting change of lifestyle.

During the programme I learned how to listen to my body and using the tools provided, stop and reflect on what I was doing and why I was eating. And by using the different tools, change my actions.

I've stopped making excuses and started to put more effort in and I've started recognising my triggers for eating. I've also learned how habits work and how easy it is, with the right support to change them.

Today, I feel more energetic, confident and happier. I feel that my life is on the right course. I'm not on a constant diet that results in highs and lows and cravings. Mine is now a healthy lifestyle that does have flexibility and fits in with my hectic life.

My entire attitude towards food and eating has changed in such a way that it's unrecognisable to who I was just over 3 months ago. I have will power because I understand my old food habits better and what triggered them. I have tools that I can always implement - the drinking 2l of water has been a particular favourite."

Natalie lost 1st 8lbs (11.2kg) and a total of 36cm (14inches), with a fantastic loss of 10cm (4inches) around the waist.


February 12, 2016

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"I really struggled with exercise. I would start something for a couple of weeks and then stop. Or promise myself I would exercise and get started but 3 weeks later I can’t be bothered to move! Taking on Anne as a personal trainer has been the best thing I could have ever done. Knowing she is coming round to my house immediately puts me in the exercise mindset and as it is one to one there is no hiding in the back of the gym class and getting away with not doing it. Sometimes we all need help to kickstart our exercise habit and Anne is my help. I have booked her for 12 weeks because I heard it takes that long for your body to finally accept exercise on a regular basis and after 5 weeks my fitness level has vastly improved. I can run again, I am not as stiff anymore and most of all I look forward to exercise. Trust me, Anne is the best North London personal trainer I know. I recommend Anne because she is and expert, gets great results, has high integrity, great value and very personable. If you call her don't let that soft voice fool you - she is a task master who will challenge you to the max!"

For a week by week video of Diane's progress, click here

Diane Corriette

February 12, 2016

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"I was overweight by several stones, as a result I didn't take part in regular exercise and struggled with the physical nature of my work.

I had tried to lose weight countless times, lose several pounds, but would soon slip back into old eating habits and the weight just crept back on. I also tried to get fitter but would get niggling injuries, which would cause me to stop and get despondent.

Having to write a food diary made me realise that I didn't like what I saw. The regular fitness sessions have increased my core strength and stamina and as a result, I was able to increase my running and cycling, without getting those injuries. This has aided with the weight loss. Anne has been positive from the start, giving gentle advice on how to improve my eating habits and pushing me to my limits each week (never been able to do push ups until now)

I am planning to continue exercising regularly, lose more weight and continue to eat healthily, which is now a routine. I'm even eating vegetables!

I feel healthier and fitter, as a result of which I'm happier to take part in the more physical aspect at work, knowing that I can more than hold my own, which has added more confidence.

For 2013, I'm planning to successfully complete a marathon, take part in a novice triathlon, and do a bike ride"

Karen lost 1.5stone (9.6kg) and a total of 56cm (22inches) all over during the Programme!



February 12, 2016

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"I had put on about 2 stone of weight that I didn’t need over the last few years since having children and due to a hectic work schedule and busy home life was also not finding enough time to get out and excercise regularly. I was consequently feeling very unfit. I really wanted to loose wight and gain fitness.

I was nervous about how I would cope with the programme, whether I would be embarrassed about my lack of fitness in front of a trainer, whether I would connect with a trainer I had never met and in general had concerns as to whether the training would work and be worth the cost!

I have really enjoyed and, in fact, looked forward to the two training sessions a week and I have also really adjusted the way that I eat as a result of the training!

I have lost a stone and a good few centimetres and am able to fit into quite a few of my old clothes! I feel fitter and healthier and have adjusted my diet and attitude to food and water quite considerably.Some simple guidelines have really helped me along the way and will, I hope be a lifestyle change, rather than a fad diet. I am hoping that these changes will make a lasting impact on my life.

I have more energy and I feel better about myself and the way I look and the level of my fitness. I am keen to continue to try to loose weight (another 8-10 pounds ideally) and get fitter and have much more drive to do so. I am amazed that I am able to do some excercises that I have never been able to do before!"

Olivia lost 1stone (6.4kg) and a total of 30cm (11.8inches) all over during Programme!



February 12, 2016

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Before I started I was very overweight and not at all happy with the way I was feeling or the way I looked.

I did not have any fears or worries about the program. I just decided!

Since the program I have changed my eating habits a little, having discovered some food intolerances. I have become more active and am feeling better.

I have shrunk in size though and my body shape has improved. I am feeling much better about myself. I can see the changes and although I have not lost as much weight as I wanted to in the time frame, at least I am on the way. I will continue to keep active with swimming and walking and having stopped eating the things that do not agree with me, my headaches have gone and I do feel better. Less bloated and sluggish.

Shelley has lost just over 4kg, but a massive 23.4% body fat, and 23.5cm all over.


March 7, 2016

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"I was overweight, but more importantly, I struggled with my mobility after an injury, and did not do any physical activity at all.

I had been on crutches for 18 months, and really needed to get back going, as it had a big impact on my ability to do things.

I was worried about whether the programme would fit my lifestyle, and had some initial fears of trying a personal trainer.

I am now more mobile than I was. My ankle joints are much stronger, and my legs as a whole have more tone.

I am now keeping up with regular exercising, and even own a step and some weights, and walk regularly!! "



February 12, 2016


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"I was very unhappy, overweight and low in confidence. Although I cooked relatively healthy meals, I was eating unhealthy things every day and quickly getting bigger and bigger. Before starting the programme, I was worried it wouldn't address the underlying issue of why I ate that way or change it, meaning that it wouldn't result

February 12, 2016


Comfort Eating Only Makes You Feel More Crap About Yourself

Comfort Eating Only Makes You Feel More Crap About Yourself

I used to be a massive comfort eater, or emotional eater.

Feeling tired, feeling sad, feeling angry, feeling stressed, it all just reverted to sweets and sugar, or even a whole pack of biscuits.

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You Don’t Have to Be Crippled for Days to Have Had a Good Workout

I’ve always enjoyed being active and exercising.

However, very often, I just didn’t do anything.
The number of gym memberships I never used is quite scary.

I was too lazy, couldn’t be bothered, and just didn’t make it a priority.

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It’s Not Worth Beating Yourself Up Over the Past

This was a massive one for me, and I know it’s a massive one for my clients as well.

I always used to blame the past for where I was at.

Of course, what I did in the past, e.g. overeating, eating crap and not exercising regularly, and just not taking care of myself lead me to being overweight.

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Be Ready to Become a Different Person

It was never something I had thought about, and I don’t mean that I totally became a different person.

However, there are so many things I do differently that if I look back at the person I am now, and the person I was then, I’m very different.

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Losing Weight Is a Scary Journey

Well, this is actually divided in 2 periods.
The period while you are losing the weight, and what happens after that.

If I have to be honest, I don’t think I ever thought about what’s happening after I will have lost the weight.

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Losing masses of weight every week is not normal and doesn’t lead to long term results

I used to be fascinated by programmes such as The Biggest Loser and A Year to Save my Life.
I still watch them once in a while.

Most of the people on the programme lose 4-10lbs and sometimes even more on a weekly basis!

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Low Fat, Lite, Light, Enriched Stuff is Full of Crap

Low fat, light, lite, diet, it has to be healthy no? After all, it’s less calories.

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Rewarding myself with sweets for doing well negates the whole purpose.

Time after time, I used to have a good week. I ate well, I went to the gym, and boom, I thought I deserved a bag of sweets, after all, I did so well that week.

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Achieving the so called “perfect body” requires hard work

We’re all influenced by the media, and what we perceive as the “perfect body”.
Slim legs, toned arms, a nice small bum, and a flat tummy (I won’t even go as far as a six pack).

It’s something, we as women somehow all aspire to, and are made to belief that it’s the ideal.

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Life will always happen

I’ve always been very harsh on myself.

At school, was a good pupil, and if I struggled with something, I used to study a lot to get it right, and have good grades.

Same at uni.

And later on workwise, I always wanted to be successful. Be the best. Overachieve on targets, and working in sales, it was a great environment for me.
I rarely missed a target.

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