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Latest Posts

Is 5-a-day Really too Expensive?

Yesterday, the new chair of the Royal College of GPs, Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard, said that lots of people may struggle to afford the recommended amount of daily portions.

Are you serious????

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Is It Time To Break The “Rules”?

As of this week, the Christmas parties and get togethers are starting.
I hear it left, right and centre.

Even as self employed I have quite a few of them lined up.

I hear all my friends, and even clients saying how terrible this coming 6 weeks are going to be.
Plenty of food and booze.

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Are You Scared?

This week, a few of my clients mentioned that they didn’t know why, but felt they were self sabotaging.

I always ask why they think that is. As a coach, I don’t really want to put ideas in their heads. I want them to come up with the answers.

One eventually admitted that she’s scared.

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Drop a Dress Size in Time for the Festive Season

Do you have lots of clothes in your wardrobe, but can’t fit into them?

Don’t want to go and buy some new winter clothes, or even party clothes?

Our 4 week Intense Weight Loss Programme will help you drop a dress size just in time.

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When Things Feel So Different

Recently after a big leak, I had to have some refurbishments done.
I’m now 2 weeks back in my flat, and although there are still lots of boxes as my builder is coming back week after next to do some work in the loft, I’m trying to get the hang of all the new cupboards both in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

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What is the Best Diet?

I keep on getting asked this questions:
What’s the best diet out there?

The answer is simple.

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100 Days – Are You Ready?

Yesterday, we hit the 100 days till the end of 2016.

Yes, this year has gone by sooooo quickly. But, there are still 100 days (or 99 now) to go. Which leaves you plenty of time to make some changes in time to keep up with your New Year’s Resolutions.

Remember those? What did you want to achieve in 2016? Have you done it so far?

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It’s Not About The Scales

Are you obsessed with the scales when you think of your weight loss?

You’re definitely not alone, but let me tell you now, unless you stop focusing on the scales, you won’t achieve your goals!

To help you moving your mindset to the right one, I’m embarking on a new project called, It’s Not About The Scales.

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What Could 10% Do?

I know some of you can’t stand the Olympic games.
However, I urge you to watch some of the swimming, gymnastics, cycling, athletics, rowing. And I’m sure some other sports as well.

Those athletes are mega inspiring. Try and watch some of their interviews afterwards.

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Set Yourself Up for Success Every Day

The challenge I’ve personally experienced and what seems to be the case for many is in the word CONSISTENCY!

For days, things are going really well, but then suddenly one day doesn’t go to plan, and then one day becomes a couple of days, a weekend, then a full week, and then…

… we’re slipping back into bad habits, reach out for the ready made food, the take away menu, the biscuits, crisps and chocolates.
All that, instead of planning and preparing and making the right decisions.

Back to square one

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"Before I started on the programme, I was generally low, very tired all the time, lacking focus and concentration, partially due to other health problems but lots to do with me being overweight. I had complete confidence in Anne that the programme would work. I became far more mindful about what I eat, even if

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