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What Could 10% Do?

I know some of you can’t stand the Olympic games.
However, I urge you to watch some of the swimming, gymnastics, cycling, athletics, rowing. And I’m sure some other sports as well.

Those athletes are mega inspiring. Try and watch some of their interviews afterwards.

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Set Yourself Up for Success Every Day

The challenge I’ve personally experienced and what seems to be the case for many is in the word CONSISTENCY!

For days, things are going really well, but then suddenly one day doesn’t go to plan, and then one day becomes a couple of days, a weekend, then a full week, and then…

… we’re slipping back into bad habits, reach out for the ready made food, the take away menu, the biscuits, crisps and chocolates.
All that, instead of planning and preparing and making the right decisions.

Back to square one

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What Are You Willing To Change?

Many of us know they have to make a change, even if we don’t have a life threatening reason to do so. It’s not always easy.

But if you want to get permanent results, what would you be willing to change?

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It’s Not About the Scales

How regularly do you get on the scales? Are you a once a day person? Or even worse, twice a day? Once a week? Once a fortnight?

Is it really all about the scales?

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OMG!!!! Really?

You might or might not be aware of it, but tomorrow we’re the 1st of July.
That does mean that half of the year is already gone.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or not, but…

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Aaargh, why is this happening every weekend?

It’s Monday, Sarah woke up this morning feeling guilty.
Guilty about all the rubbish she had at the weekend. Friday night she went out with a few friends for some drinks.
And eventually on her way home, she ended up in a kebab shop as she was starving.

Saturday morning was a blur, and by the time she got up, she managed to drag herself to her local for a nice big full English breakfast.

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Is That You Hiding There?

How many sets of clothes sizes do you have in your wardrobe?

I used to have 3-4! Anything ranging from a size 12 to a size 16, with a few tops size 10 if I got lucky with the upper arm width.

Now, I mostly have 1-2 depending if it’s bottom or top. And I’m thankful for that, as I don’t have much wardrobe space.

But there are a few clothes I really didn’t want to give away to charity.
Some I really liked and used to love wearing.

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You’re on a beach holiday with the family in Italy.

It’s hot, the sun in shining, and off you all go to the beach.

While packing to go away, you were already cringing at the thought of going to the beach.

You eventually packed your black bathing suit, even though deep down, you would have liked to be able to wear a colourful bikini.


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Get Ready for Summer Programmes

Get Ready for Summer with 2 NEW PROGRAMMES!

Look good on your summer holiday pictures. Lose 1/2st in time for summer.

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High Fat Dietary Advice Is Irresponsible – Is That True?

This morning kicked off with a new report by the National Obesity Forum, urging people to eat more fat and stop counting calories to tackle obesity

It’s been all over the press and radio this morning, and I thought I would give a brief summary, as well as my opinion on the matter.

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"I was overweight, unfit and had bad eating habits. I was worried I wouldn't meet my target weight. Over the weeks, I slowly got towards my target weight, but also became more disciplined with eating healthier. Now, I find it much easier to carry out everyday activities, as my job is very physical. And I'm

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