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Latest Posts

Do You Really Talk Like This?

I had a long chat with a lady this week who came to the studio for a consultation.

After the initial introductions, a chat about goals, and what she had tried before, I asked her why she felt she hasn’t been successful so far.

What she brought up was just so strong, and it’s something I hear quite often:
– I have no willpower
– I’m stupid

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Who Inspires You?

Last Sunday, I sat down to watch the Australian Open tennis final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Two tennis players that I have a lot of admiration for. For me, they are still the “old” ones.

Now what was interesting is the fact that both players had been off for at least 6 months due to injury.

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7 Years of Helping People Lose Weight!

Today, February 1st, is our 7th anniversary!

7 years of helping our clients lose weight, but more importantly keep it off once and for all, but helping them adopt a healthy lifestyle, combining regular exercise, healthy eating and the right mindset.

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Nude Exercising – Yes or No?

Yesterday, I shared a link on facebook about a women who started a nude exercise class, and I asked my friends to share their thoughts about it.

First of all, I have to say, I was amazed by the amount of response I received. Now I’m not sure if it was because of the pictures that were used for the article, or just the thought of a nude exercise class.

Most of the responses to my post, as well as the comments on the original article were negative ones. Ones of disgust. Ones of thinking about the “wobbly bits”, etc.

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The ONE Tip for Successful Weight Loss

I often get asked what is the one thing that helps people be successful at weight loss.

And as much as food and exercise are important, the real answer is mindset.

Having the right mindset is key.

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What Inspires You?

Do you have something that inspires you?

Every 4 years, for a month or so, I’m glued to the TV to watch the Olympics and the Paralympics.

Last summer, I even put my alarm clock to crazy hours, just to watch certain events.

Olympians, and athletes in general are one of the biggest inspiration sources for me.

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When Is The “Right” Time?

At the weekend, I asked the people in my group It’s Not About The Scales, what they were struggling with during the first week of January.

One person mentioned that she hadn’t got her head round anything yet to get back to healthy eating, nor going to the gym.

Somehow, January is a time where there is massive pressure to start everything new.

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Passion and Weight Loss

Passion and Weight Loss are probably the 2 words that you would never put together.

All we generally think when we think of weight loss is deprivation, hard work, boring salads, no alcohol, being hungry, aching muscles from the workouts, being sweaty, and just being grumpy all the time.

Does that describe your definition of weight loss? If so, you’re not alone.

But could that…

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The Excuses Aren’t Valid Anymore

New Year’s Eve and Day and Bank Holiday are over.

The year starts now! There are just no more excuses to use to delay the start of your “diet” and “exercise” regime.

Even if you haven’t started yet, you’re probably already thinking of all the stuff you won’t be allowed to eat or do.

You’re dreading it, even if you really really really would like to lose that weight.

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Healthy Meals for Under £2 – Week 2

Meatballs and peas

This is a variation of a recipe I got from my friend Karinne. And even though I went for the lean minced meat, it still came out at under £2 per portion.

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